We know there are a lot of options for fashion accessories and scarves so why choose KINZA?

We Treasure Quality 

Fabric, finishing, and service; no compromises. KINZA scarves are made from carefully selected, natural materials. Yes, this means no polyester. Ever. To us, it's not worth the savings. Primarily silk, but also cotton and bamboo (trust us) natural fibers means a gorgeous look and feel.  These materials deserve nothing less than an equally amazing finishing. Finished locally in California we take pride in the details and it shows. This is our guarantee to you. (We believe in our product, check out our return policy.)

We Treasure Grace

Prints and solids to enhance your look, not overshadow it. We swoon over prints. When you see the ones we have carefully selected for you, we think you will too. Our prints are high fashion yet timeless, vibrant in color and versatile by nature. Our embellished scarves are in a league of their own. When designing our scarves we want to give you effortless chic without compromising luxury. The utility is endless: toss over your locks, neck or shoulder for a glammed up look.

We Treasure You 

From fabric sourcing to fabrication, to delivering to you a finished product- every interaction matters. At KINZA we are not just building a brand, we are building a community. An inclusive community that encourages each member to approach their unique reality with grace, integrity and beauty. We choose supplier that adhere to this standard and proudly manufacture our scarves locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because, we believe, through this approach we will embolden one another on this journey towards uncovering our own hidden treasures.