Care for your Kinza

General Cleaning
  1. Fill the sink with cold water with very little mild soap.
  2. Place the scarf* in the water for a few minutes and gently agitate it by plunging the garment up and down. Do not leave the scarf in the water for any extended time.
  3. Drain the soapy water out. Refill with cold, clean water. Plunge the scarf several times again in cool clean water. If you are unsure about any soap residue, smell the scarf, it should not smell soapy or scented.
  4. Remove the scarf and hang to dry. Do not wring the water out. Over the bathtub is the ideal place to hang the scarf since it will drip.
  5. Silks dry very quickly so it is recommended to check back in an hour or so and gently separate the sides of the garment so it will dry smoothly and need less pressing.
  6. Press the scarf while still damp, with a dry iron set at low temperature.
* Be sure to wash scarves individually.
Oil Based Stain
  1. Place your scarf on a flat surface and pour enough baby powder to cover the oil based stain/spot.
  2. Allow to sit for an hour or more.  
  3. Dust off baby powder. This will remove both the stain and the powder. If the stain remains, repeat the process. 


 and if in doubt.... Dry Clean!