Fabric Guide

Silk Chiffon: The twisted thread gives this chiffon a matte finish. Light and airy, yet strong. Great for travel, seems not to wrinkle as much as other silks.  This is the original sheer Kinza silk material.

Silk Crepe de Chine: Thicker, opaque fabric best known for its unmatched versatility. Not only is this material satisfyingly lustrous but it consists of a delicate texture with an exceptional drape. One of the more durable cultivated silk fabrics, this material known as a more forgiving silk.

Silk Georgette: Originally named after the French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante, silk georgette refers to a thin, semi-transparent fabric with a dry hand and grainy surface due to the high twist per inch of the warp and weft threads. With so much twist in the yarns, this material has a natural bounce that makes it come alive. Perfect for lightweight flowing scarves and fanciful attire, this material has a personality all its own.

Bamboo Jersey:  Yes, bamboo! Bamboo is naturally resistant to microbes (bacteria & fungus), sustainable & eco-friendly, practical (i.e., easy to wash & dry), and naturally wicks moisture away from the skin! Combine this with a luscious drape and our meticulous finishing for the perfect everyday scarf.